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If you are a healthcare professional who is being investigated or arrested for RICO, insurance fraud, money laundering, you need to retain an attorney.

Governmental agency has a vast amount of resources and general do not file charges until they have done an extensive investigation and evidence gathering.

The need for representation for a healthcare professional that has been charged with a state or federal crime is essential for them to retain legal representation.

There are unique issues that arise when a healthcare professional is charged with a crime such as their license and the use of such information to have professional blacklisted from insurance and hospital panels as well as insurance companies denying payment for services rendered.

Taking a plead has to be careful evaluated as to whether its will jeopardize the healthcare professionals license and spark civil lawsuits from insurance companies.

The attorneys of Rosenberg Law, P.A. have tried cases as well as negotiated pleas for there matters.

Most experience criminal defense do not have the knowledge about healthcare law to know how to mitigate the fall out from criminal charges or word a plead to prevent the healthcare professionals license from being taken.

Rosenberg Law, P.A. can work as a consultant with your criminal defense attorney in order to provide the knowledge necessary to assist with protecting the healthcare professional’s license and preventing additional litigation.

If the charges are healthcare related or not it’s important that you consult a healthcare attorney as a healthcare professional prior to entering into a plead agreement.