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Florida Healthcare Law Group focuses it practice on the representation of healthcare providers.

When a healthcare provider is faced with litigation or even possible litigation it is important to retain an attorney that has vast experience in the area due to the array of unique issues that healthcare providers face.

A Healthcare provider can not just focus on the specific litigation at hand because there are ramifications that can occur from the litigation such as license investigation or a 3rd party audit being started.

The attorneys at Florida Healthcare Law Group have the experience and knowledge to properly advise the clients of possible ramifications from the litigation so that the client may make the advised and knowledgeable decisions with regard to the litigation or possible litigation.

Florida Healthcare Law Group can advise of additional possible consequences of litigation such as government investigation, state licensing investigation, criminal charges, and IRS investigations.

Which are very serious in nature and require an experience healthcare attorney so that the healthcare provider is properly advised.

 A healthcare professional always must stay focused on the most important thing, their license and the ability to treat patients.

Many litigation attorneys who are not Healthcare attorneys do not have the knowledge of the potential issues that are specific to healthcare providers and simply advise the client on the settlement of a case but not realize that the simple wording of a settlement agreement could open the healthcare provider up to worse circumstances.
Florida Healthcare Law Group’s attorneys have successfully and zealously advocated for their clients in the following areas:
- Third Party Audits.
- Medicare Audits.
- Over Payment Disputes with Insurance Companies and Medicare.
- Exclusion List of Medicare, Medicaid and other Federal or State funded Programs.
- Licensing investigations and hearings.
- Hospital Privilege matters.
- Physician Residency Terminations.
- Healthcare Provider disputes with other Healthcare Providers.
- Healthcare Provider employment disputes.
- Insurance Fraud Defense in both State and Federal Courts.
- RICO defense in both State and Federal Courts.
- State and Federal Government Investigations.




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