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Rosenberg Law, P.A. has years of experience protecting healthcare providers against charges and investigations by licensing boards.

Many of the circumstances which licensing boards start investigations or file charges are based on mistakes made by employees of the healthcare professional due to billing or structure of the business entity.

It is important to realize that the investigation and charges can not be ignored and must be taken seriously.

We have experience negotiating to come to some resolution with the board to enable them to feel confident that the error and omissions will not occur again.

We also have experience with administrative hearings if negotiating is not an option.

There are many consequences that can occur due to charges by a licensing board are filed not solely your license being jeopardized but also criminal charges and civil lawsuits.

It takes experienced healthcare attorneys to help mitigate such fall out.

License administrative hearings and investigations are very stressful for a healthcare professional and Rosenberg Law, P.A. can help relieve so of the stress by knowing that you are being provided representation by attorneys that are skilled in such an area.

There are ways to keep your license even if you make a mistake let us help you maneuver through the process.