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Rosenberg Law P.A. recognizes the complexity attached to the representation of health care providers in litigation especially involving Racketeering.

Healthcare providers involved in litigation or under investigation present unique issues because they are regulated by their state’s medical board which require compliance with rules in addition to Federal Laws that expose their licenses to be used as leverage in order to obtain quick settlements.

Given the complexity of overlapping regulations, Rosenberg Law P.A. always maintains an intense focus on not jeopardizing their client’s licenses.

There is no victory if the healthcare provider receives a positive outcome in litigation only to have an investigation and potential loss of license with their state office of Professional Conduct. 

Rosenberg Law P.A. provides a broad array of knowledge and experience in commercial and contract law coupled with knowledge of insurance companies and litigation.

Healthcare litigation like a gemstone, encompasses multiple facets and is ever changing.

Rosenberg Law P.A.’s approach to legal representation is one of innovation, new ideas and thinking outside the box.

The law is ever changing. 

Rosenberg Law P.A. is on the forefront of litigation involving Healthcare Racketeering. 

The climate for healthcare service providers has become very litigious. Rosenberg Law P.A. believes that healthcare providers are simply trying to make an honest living helping people.

It is difficult for healthcare providers to be aware of all the rapidly changing and highly complex laws governing, coupled with the deficiency of medical schools to empower their graduates with the business and compliance tools.

Rosenberg Law P.A. has heard repeatedly from their clients that “they did not teach this in medical school”.

The current healthcare climate almost requires providers to have law licenses in order to protect their licenses and practices.

Rosenberg Law P.A. is here to help.

The Firm provides services relating to all aspects of Health Care Litigation and Business Litigation including Personal Injury and PIP.

In general, patients and health care providers victimized by the insurance industry, the Firm provides a comprehensive array of services calculated to assist in every scenario:

* Healthcare Litigation (Federal and State), insurance fraud defense, RICO defense, business disputes, employment contract litigation, PIP, non payment of benefits

* Healthcare Compliance

* Prohibited practices such as restricted referrals 

   anti-kickback safe harbors, billing and fee   splitting statutes and regulations, False Claims Act

* Professional Licensure and Administrative Hearings

* Medicare, Medicaid & Private Carrier Audits (CMS Audits and RAC audits) 

* Personal Injury including auto accidents and slip and falls

* All aspects of Commercial/Business Law (i
ncluding  Breach of

    Contract, Employment Agreements,  Shareholder Agreements, 

    Compensation Agreements).

* White Collar Criminal Defense